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  •      What determines the value of a domain name?

    Attractive domain names are very rare goods. Year by year, they get rarer, more sought-after and more expensive. Highly valuable domains often show one or more of the following characteristics:
    1.) they have already been registered in other TLDs (for example: net, org, info, eu) or
    2.) they are suitable as a company's name or title of a project (short and memorable) or
    3.) they describe a product, a service or a sector of an industry, and
      a) users are using this keyword when searching on the internet (see: keyword tool) or
      b) merchants are buying ads with this keyword (see, for example, Google adwords).

         Who is behind stands for a 100% professional handling of your domain purchase. The service is run by Dr. Björn Benken Internetprojekte, located in Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany. The economist is working in the domain business since 1999. In 2000, he has developped the first domain evaluation tool in Germany and has been the co-organiser of the first German domainer meeting.

    All domain names offered by have very fair and reasonable prices, so you can be absolutely sure to make a very steady and worthwhile investment.

         How to purchase a domain name?

    In the online form (below) you are choosing the domain name you'd like to buy and add your postal address and contact data. After I've received your inquiry, I'll send you the invoice by e-mail. There will be no value added tax (VAT) on the net domain price when your company is situated in the European Union and you have given me your international VAT-ID code or when your company is situated outside the EU. If you need a proper contract, please let me know - I would then send you a domain transfer agreement which both of us would sign.

    The transaction could be done in several ways, for example via bank wire, international money order, Paypal or (In the two latter cases, there would be a surcharge of 3 percent to compensate for the transaction fees). Immediately after receipt of the payment, the domain will get unlocked, and I'll send you the authorization code which you need to start the transfer at your internet service provider. All in all the procedure will take maximum 6 days. Under favourable circumstances the transfer could be terminated even within one hour.

         Any questions left?

    Tel: +49-531-3789500
    Fax: +49-531-3789501


           Send an inquiry:

    I would like to acquire the following domain name:

    VAT will not be added when the company is situated in another EU country (with VAT-ID code) or outside the EU.

    I would also like to acquire:

    You get a 30 percent discount on the less expensive of the two domains!

    Please send me the following documents:
    Invoice only
    Domain transfer agreement and invoice

    Here is my (our) address:

    The address will be used in the invoice document and also in the contract (if you have opted for it). Please also add your VAT-ID code, if available (only EU).

    Here are my contact details:
    E-Mail (obligatory):

    I have taken notice of the following terms:
    1.) Sending this inquiry does not constitute a binding contract. This will happen only when both parties have signed the domain transfer agreement or when the invoice has been paid by the buyer.
    2.) All domain offers on this site are nonbinding; in particular they are under reserve of availability. Despite all efforts to keep the domain database up-to-date, typing errors could occur accidentally, or a domain name might actually be unavailable due to a recent sale.
    3.) Privacy note: The data you are sending will be stored electronically. It will not be handed over to anyone else without your authorization.